Toeic (Barron’s Toeic) par Lin Lougheed

Toeic (Barron's Toeic)

Titre: Toeic (Barron’s Toeic)

Nom de fichier: toeic-barrons-toeic.pdf

ISBN: 1438076363

Auteur: Lin Lougheed

This updated edition of the TOEIC preparation manual includes an enclosed MP3 CD for all audio presented in the book. Test-takers will find:

  • Four full-length practice tests identical in format and question types to the current TOEIC
  • Topics and vocabulary most frequently seen on the actual TOEIC
  • Answer explanations for all test questions
  • Extensive practice in listening and reading comprehension skills

A high score on the TOEIC is required by many businesses and institutions when considering job applicants whose first language is not English. The enclosed MP3 CD provides comprehensive listening practice of the English language.

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Table Of Contents: Overview of the TOEICTo the Teacher 1 IntroductionQuestions and Answers Concerning the TOEIC Study Plan for the TOEIC Self-Study Activities On Test Day TOEIC REVIEW

2 ListeningOverview Current TOEICSkills List Overview New TOEICSkills List Part 1: Photographs Part 2: Question-Response Part 3: Conversations Part 4: Talks Strategy Summary Mini-Test for Listening ComprehensionAnswer Key for Listening Comprehension Skills Answer Key for Mini-Test for New TOEIC Listening Comprehension Explanatory Answers for Listening Comprehension Skills Explanatory Answers for Mini-Test for Listening Comprehension 3 Reading Overview Current TOEICSkills List Overview New TOEICSkills List Part 5: Incomplete Sentences Part 6: Text Completion Part 7: Reading Comprehension Strategy Summary Mini-Test for New TOEIC Reading Answer Key for Reading Skills Answer Key for Mini-Test for Reading Explanatory Answers for Reading Skills Explanatory Answers for Mini-Test for Reading TOEIC MODEL TESTS Strategy Summary
Model Test 1 Model Test 2 Model Test 3 Model Test 4 New TOEIC Model Test 5
New TOEIC Model Test 6
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